Logistics Network Optimization

In the past decade, advancements in road infrastructure, new government norms and changing customer preferences has given rise to increased demand for logistics services. Rapidly developing e-commerce industry has fueled this growth further. Finished products are now reaching to the end consumers, thanks to the last mile delivery services by logistics providers. Companies in PTL Logistics, Express Logistics & Courier service industries need to optimize their logistics networks to meet the rising customer demands.

To cater to the increased need to optimize logistics networks, Translytics has developed algorithms to optimize the network of PTL movements. Depending on the logistics service offerings, the algorithms employ advanced optimization techniques to balance your service levels and reducing the transportation costs.

How our algorithms help your network?

  • Warehouse/Branch location planning based on transit loads and end-customer locations
  • Optimization of pickup & Last-mile delivery operations
  • Feeder movement optimization between branch & hub
  • Hub to Hub optimization
  • Reducing the logistics costs

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