Why we choose to transform enterprise decision-making?

Sense changes in your supply chain network in real time and respond with faster decisions that are driven by insightful data!

Translytics about

The Translytics Supply Chain Control Tower setup service enables organizations to leverage the power of data to monitor their demand-supply networks in real time, identify issues, understand their complexities, and evaluate potential solutions in a faster way.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Need of the hour for modern supply chains

A supply chain control tower is traditionally defined as a connected, centralized, and customized monitoring system that monitors the happenings in the entire supply chains, critical data points and key business metrics. Thus, it not only aids companies in understanding their supply chains in a better way but also acts as a centralized system for data sharing across various stakeholders.

A control tower comprises of centralized monitoring of daily operations, status tracker of crucial aspects like delivery orders in transit, quality control systems and analytics in form of dynamic dashboards reporting KPIs – all in one place, speeding up efficient decision making.

Why customers choose Translytics?

Alert mechanisms (demand surge, delayed shipments, packaging issues)

Capability to connect multiple internal & external databases

Optimized decision making with advanced analytics